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Patient Testimonials

Amazing staff, all verrrry nice! Maybe a little too friendly when I first walked in but once I was there and got to know everyone it felt very comfortable

I have never been happier with dental service before. Your team helped me a great deal and I very thankful. The service was very quick when I needed it the most. I have already recommended University Avenue Dental to many of my friends and family members. Thank you very much

I was extremely impressed with the hygienist who cleaned my teeth. I can honestly say it was the best cleaning that I have ever received anywhere. Thanks so much.

Your office is very professional, your staff very pleasant, and friendly. I left my previous dentist mainly due to the very lengthy time I had to wait for him during appointment time so it is very refreshing experience "on time" appointments. Thank you, and see in June.

The staff and dental team are always sensitive and caring about my needs and trepidation about dental work.

Don't change anything. You all do a great job!

It was a superb visit, I called in with extreme pain in a molar and withing the hour I was seen and the problem was dealt with. I couldn't be happier with the service.